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Our Mission, Beliefs and Actions

We find opportunities to create resorts with experiences that transform people and places.  

We live by the philosophy to keep our eyes looking for the stars and our feet firmly planted on the ground.  We are realistic idealists with an optimistic can do attitude.

Our talents are in finding the overlooked opportunities that are undervalued and often appear daunting.  With clear vision we can see how to transform the asset into high value and deliver high returns to our investors and how to weather the inevitable market changes and challenges.

We aim to align the objectives and economic interests of all parties to the venture.  We want all of us to “row in the same direction”.   

We reduce risk by purchasing on favorable terms in creative structures that lay the foundation for success and to weather economic storms.   

We are realists, pragmatic, and remain optimists.  We have vision for how to transform an asset, but we are grounded in the reality of financial feasibility and market dynamics.   

We are “hands on” from start to finish.  We do “sweat the details” and thorough in our due diligence.   But we never lose sight of the big picture vision and overall direction.

We operate in an entrepreneurial fashion. We are not burdened with high overhead and pressure to acquire. We only move on acquisitions that are attractive purchases with significant upside.

We only seek those opportunities where we can acquire at a good or low risk cost basis and has significant upside that can be realized using tried and true methods.

We are straight forward and and honest with sellers and investors. We believe in honest disclosures. We do our best to perform as promised, even if circumstances change in the market.

We seek the advice of knowledgeable people with solid common sense. We are grounded in realizing our own limitations, and how we can all benefit from the advice of proven people of integrity.

Our investment decisions have been validated by always securing the backing of sophisticated investors to the projects we sponsor.

We respond nimbly and flexibly to the inevitable adversities in the market.

We believe in performance based incentives and compensation.

We only acquire properties that we believe in. We also have to believe the venture is good for all parties concerned, including local stakeholders and community.

We stand by our investments. Even during major economic downturns, we have continued to protect the investment even when no fees or incentive upside are likely for us as a sponsor.  We respect and appreciate the confidence placed in us by our investors and business associates. 

We do first class business in a first class way.

We believe your word is your bond.

We live by these credos

Common sense is essential, but is uncommon.

Focus on protecting the downside and letting profits run.  Acquire assets that have low risk of loss and stellar yield opportunities.

Even the best ventures can be hit with market disruptions so we structure purchase terms and operate frugally to protect against that downside.

We believe in teamwork, but not in large cumbersome teams.

We believe in small, effective meetings with the best brain trust to talk through solutions, and then execute with a minimum of bureaucracy

We believe in projects that create transformational experiences for guests and meaningful livings for the people associated with the venture.

We only undertake projects that serve a beneficial purpose and can serve as models of commercially feasible, sustainable development. We want to set high standards in the design, development, and operation of the property.